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Nora Stalzer and Clemens Lutz of "stalzer lutz gärten" environmental planning office fulfilled their dream by opening the Verdarium in Weidling near Vienna. The Verdarium unites both their love for valuable material and aesthetically sophisticated shapes on an area of 3000 square meters. The place transports to the outdoors qualities and materials which, up until now, one would only find indoors. Initially laid out as an experimental garden, the Verdarium lets visitors experience the convergence of artificial space and nature. Stalzer and Lutz display completely weather-resistant furniture (desks, benches, chairs, carpets, upholstery, kitchens and lighting fixtures) which correspond to the garden and landscape's identity and character. Haptic and sonic structures merge to the overall experience that is the Verdarium.

With a very subtle, atmospheric and, most importantly, individual design, moodley has captured the character of the Verdarium and created a playful CI which lives up to the expectations of the place and its founders.

Digitalization of a handwritten template by Nora Stalzer.

Light and playful imagery taken from the archives of Nora Stalzer and Clemens Lutz.

Contrary to the handwritten logo the Prestige Elite Regular stands for the technical part.

Handwritten templates by Nora Stalzer for the digitalization of her handwriting.

Digitalization of the handwriting.

Draft for a sign on the entrance door.

Business equipment

Design stage
Different applications of the CI.

Combining pictures and drawings

Scotch tape

Design stage
Lettering applications.

Design stage
Lettering applications at the barn entrance.

New website draft based on existing Stalzer/Lutz website.

Design stage
Example of logo use.

Design stage
Tote bag first drafts.

Tote bag
Redesigning a customary cement bag.

Design stage
First drafts of a brochure with Japanese binding.

Design stage
Page layout for brochure.

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